Rise and Recline Chairs

Including Delivery, Setup, and On Site Warranty.

At Mobility Services, we won’t sell rise and recline chairs online and ship them to you in a box by courier. We prefer to do it the old-fashioned way.

We personally deliver your Rise and Recline Chairs, set it up for you and let you try it to make sure that you’re happy and comfortable with it, then we’ll check it over thoroughly to ensure that everything is working correctly before we leave.

So if you want to order Rise and Recline chairs from us, simply give us a call or complete the enquiry form on the right.


Please find a list of the Rise and Recliner chairs we stock below

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LC 101 Lift Chair Rise and Recline Chairs

LC 101 Lift Chair

The LC101 riser chair from Pride offers an outstanding levels of quality, comfort and design all rapped up in a surprisingly affordable package!

LL805 Wall Hugger Rise and Recline Chairs

LL805 Wall Hugger

The LL 805 2-position lift chair is a great option for individuals who desire the comfort and convenience of a lift chair without sacrificing living space. The LL 805 has stylish looks and its unique design allow it to be placed just five inches from the wall, making it the ultimate lift chair for anyone with limited room.

LC 107 Dual Motor Rise and Recline Chairs

LC 107 Dual Motor

An Infinite-Position Lift Chair at an Exceptional Value
One of the newest models from Pride Lift Chairs, the LC107 is an infinite-position lift chair. This chair can fully recline and makes it easy to find the perfect position, whilst reading, standing or even just resting.

660 Mini Lounger Duet Rise and Recline Chairs

660 Mini Lounger Duet

Infinite number of recline & lounging positions.
Engineered furniture laminate/hardwood frame. 27 Stone (170kg) weight capacity. Two independent motors. Head and arm covers.

670 Chairbed Rise and Recline Chairs

670 Chairbed

Infinite number of recline & lounging positions.
Removable seat and back cushions. Engineered furniture laminate/hardwood frame. 170 kg (27 Stone) weight capacity. Two independent motors. Head and arm covers.

Serta 358 Rise and Recline Chairs

Serta 358

The Serta 358 Button back is a single motor lift chair new from Pride Lift Chairs. It features two attractive color options in Timber and Oat from the Perfect Fabric Collection for a contemporary style that fits and enhances any home decor.

Serta 525 Rise and Recline Chairs

Serta 525

The Serta 525 Split back is the latest Infinite-Position lift chair from Pride Lift Chairs. It features two attractive color options in Timber and Oat from the Perfect Fabric Collection for a contemporary style that fits and enhances any home decor.

C1 Petite Rise and Recline Chairs

C1 Petite

Quiet and smooth 3-position lift system.
All steel frame and a weight capacity of 18 Stone (113 kg). The C1 is a good choice for the petite person.

C11 wingback Rise and Recline Chairs

C11 wingback

The C11, is very much a chair that can fit into any house hold being a mid range chair, The C11 has the best of both worlds, fantastic value and style that you can personalise with not only fabric choice, but with interchangeable wood and fabric panels.

T3 Lift Chair Rise and Recline Chairs

T3 Lift Chair

Infinite position lift and recline chair, the T3 combines maximum comfort with silent, seamless operation. The new 6 button hand control allows you to achieve continuous full body support while the simultaneous tilt function gently lifts you upright or reclines you.

What they say

“Many thanks for all the great work done on my mobility scooter, and the very pleasant voice on the other end of the phone whenever I called your offices. Please thank everyone concerned.”

Barbara Saunders

"I feel I must write and thank you for the help you have given me and the care you have shown me. I have received nothing but courtesy and attention from you and Chris. Whenever I rang with a problem you were prompt in sorting it. Chris takes the time to explain exactly what is wrong and what needs to be done. Needless to say it is not necessarily what I want to hear but that is not his fault and he always has a solution. By now I feel I can really trust him so you can imagine how I felt when the ’new’ scooter went wrong on its first outing. Nevertheless you immediately came to my rescue and did what you could to keep me mobile. Sadly the borrowed scooter did not help as, because of my disability, I could not manage the handlebars, but once again help was at hand and Chris arrived with a most generous solution. A brand new scooter at no extra charge, a make I was familiar with and even in the colour I was very happy with!

I really am most deeply grateful to you as without my scooter I am almost housebound and would only be able to get to things like visits to Mass, the hospital, dentist and food shops with enormous difficulty."

Miss Sophia van den Berg

"Good day I would like to say thank you for the work that was done on my Scooter. I am very pleased with the outcome of it so much that when I need my Scooter to have a service I will be contacting you."

Susan mills