Things to consider when buying a mobility scooter

Nowadays a mobility scooter is a popular choice for both young and old. With them you gain control over your lifestyle and are released from dependence on others. Not only that but they are easy to control, economical to keep and actually pretty good fun!

The only trouble is with so much choice on the market it is often difficult to make a choice. Which is why getting a bit of expert help right from the start can help you decide if you need something small and simple like a lightweight travel scooter, or a more robust scooter with on and off-road capabilities.

Whatever you need, there is something out there for everyone. With the right approach and a bit of help and advice, you’ll soon be the proud owner of a new mobility scooter that will give you many years of enjoyment.

Here’s the RB Mobility Service’s guide to what to consider when buying a mobility scooter to help you on your journey to independent living.

Make an informed choice

Do not feel obliged to rush into a decision. It is important that you know the product you finally choose is suitable for your needs, now and in the future.

A good start is to view, and try, a range of models from different manufacturers. You’ll want to feel comfortable on your new vehicle and feel confident in being able to use it safely.

RB Mobility offer all customers the ability to have a home demonstration. This allows you to try different models in and around your own home, so that you can make a direct comparison on size, comfort and handling.

Questions to ask when choosing a mobility scooter

It is important to find a scooter that’s going to meet the needs of where you live, the features you desire and the terrain you plan to cover.
Useful questions to ask yourself include:

  • Is the scooter comfortable to ride?
  • Can I get on and off it easily?
  • Are the controls suitable and comfortable for me to use over a long period?
  • Is the scooter going to suit my needs for at least a few years?
  • Can the scooter carry me and my shopping?
  • Will the scooter be suitable for all types of terrain I anticipate wanting to use it over?
  • Do I need the scooter to be able to climb kerbs?
  • Can I dismantle the scooter to transport it in the car if needed?
  • Does the scooter give me the mileage range I need, not only when shopping locally, but also, for example, when I want to visit a National Trust stately home or gardens, participate in outdoor activities or when I go rambling?
  • Is the scooter stable and safe enough for my needs?
  • Do I have somewhere to store and charge up my scooter?

Smaller scooters offer great manoeuvrability, and portability, but often struggle to tackle kerbs and rougher terrain. Their smaller batteries will also restrict the range you can travel.

Larger scooters offer a more rugged build with additional stability, suspension and larger wheels. These can reach higher speeds, be suitable for pavement, roads and rougher countryside terrain. The larger batteries also mean you have more range (in some cases up to 25 miles on a fully charged battery).

Seeking the advice of a BHTA approved mobility expert, such as RB Mobility Services, is a really good idea at this time. We offer all customers the benefit of our product knowledge and can help uncover questions you had not even considered to help you find your perfect match.

Other things to consider

When choosing your scooter there are other factors to consider to ensure your long-term safety and enjoyment.

1. How much training do you need

After all you want to feel properly in control of your new vehicle and at ease with using it safely.

Every scooter RB Mobility supply comes with training as standard. We deliver it to your home, set it up correctly and accompany you around your home and on a local journey to make sure you are confident and comfortable with your new purchase.

2. How to look after your battery

The battery powers your mobility scooter and will need regular charging. Your owner’s manual will provide details on how to charge and maintain your battery.

You may also wish to read our advice on looking after your battery to maintain its life and reliability.

3. How to care for your vehicle

Years of extensive design and development mean that manufacturers are creating more reliable and durable mobility scooters than ever before.

However, months and years of wear and tear will take its toll and things can go wrong. Which is why it’s a good idea to consider extended guarantees and policies to help you take care of any repairs that crop up unexpectedly.

You may also wish to consider scheduling a regular mobility scooter service with a BHTA expert, such as RB Mobility Services to find and fix any faults before they become a major problem.
For help and advice with choosing a purchasing a mobility scooter please feel free to call us for impartial, friendly advice that will help you find your perfect match. Call RB Mobility Services on 01923 710055. Or browse our wide range of mobility scooters for sale.

For high quality, low cost repairs please call 01923 710055

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What they say

“Many thanks for all the great work done on my mobility scooter, and the very pleasant voice on the other end of the phone whenever I called your offices. Please thank everyone concerned.”

Barbara Saunders

"I feel I must write and thank you for the help you have given me and the care you have shown me. I have received nothing but courtesy and attention from you and Chris. Whenever I rang with a problem you were prompt in sorting it. Chris takes the time to explain exactly what is wrong and what needs to be done. Needless to say it is not necessarily what I want to hear but that is not his fault and he always has a solution. By now I feel I can really trust him so you can imagine how I felt when the ’new’ scooter went wrong on its first outing. Nevertheless you immediately came to my rescue and did what you could to keep me mobile. Sadly the borrowed scooter did not help as, because of my disability, I could not manage the handlebars, but once again help was at hand and Chris arrived with a most generous solution. A brand new scooter at no extra charge, a make I was familiar with and even in the colour I was very happy with!

I really am most deeply grateful to you as without my scooter I am almost housebound and would only be able to get to things like visits to Mass, the hospital, dentist and food shops with enormous difficulty."

Miss Sophia van den Berg

"Good day I would like to say thank you for the work that was done on my Scooter. I am very pleased with the outcome of it so much that when I need my Scooter to have a service I will be contacting you."

Susan mills