Mobility Advice

Tips and advice from the experts on choosing, enjoying and maintaining your mobility equipment.

Mobility advice and tips on looking after your mobility equipment including mobility scooters, wheelchairs, stairlifts and riser chairs.

Exercising In Your Wheelchair

Exercising is extremely important to a healthy, active lifestyle. It is especially important if you are in a wheelchair. Here we talk about how you can start your active lifestyle and feel the benefits of exercise.

Tips For Traveling Abroad with Limited Mobility

Going on holiday can be an arduous task, here are some things to think about to ensure your travels are easy and care free.

Staying Safe on Public Transport

Public transport can be daunting if you use a wheelchair or mobility scooter, here are a few tips on how to stay safe!

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Caring For Your Riser and Recliner Chair

Caring for your riser and recliner chair is the best way to improve its lifespan, whilst ensuring complete comfort. Here are some tips on keeping your chair in full working order.

Things to consider when buying a mobility scooter

RB Mobility's guide to what to consider when buying a mobility scooter to help you on your journey to independent living.

Mobility Scooter Maintenance Checks

Our simple mobility scooter maintenance checklist to keep you safe and your scooter problem free during the winter months.

Staying safe on your mobility scooter

Our tips to keeping yourself and other road users and pedestrians safe when out and about on your mobility scooter.

Get more from your mobility vehicle battery

Make sure you never lose power with our guide to charging, replacing and maintaining your powerchair or scooter battery.

Mobility Services FAQs

Experiencing problems with your Mobility Scooter? Find answers to your questions with expert advice on looking after your mobility scooter.

What they say

“Many thanks for all the great work done on my mobility scooter, and the very pleasant voice on the other end of the phone whenever I called your offices. Please thank everyone concerned.”

Barbara Saunders

"I feel I must write and thank you for the help you have given me and the care you have shown me. I have received nothing but courtesy and attention from you and Chris. Whenever I rang with a problem you were prompt in sorting it. Chris takes the time to explain exactly what is wrong and what needs to be done. Needless to say it is not necessarily what I want to hear but that is not his fault and he always has a solution. By now I feel I can really trust him so you can imagine how I felt when the ’new’ scooter went wrong on its first outing. Nevertheless you immediately came to my rescue and did what you could to keep me mobile. Sadly the borrowed scooter did not help as, because of my disability, I could not manage the handlebars, but once again help was at hand and Chris arrived with a most generous solution. A brand new scooter at no extra charge, a make I was familiar with and even in the colour I was very happy with!

I really am most deeply grateful to you as without my scooter I am almost housebound and would only be able to get to things like visits to Mass, the hospital, dentist and food shops with enormous difficulty."

Miss Sophia van den Berg

"Good day I would like to say thank you for the work that was done on my Scooter. I am very pleased with the outcome of it so much that when I need my Scooter to have a service I will be contacting you."

Susan mills