How to make travelling easier with a mobility aid

Are you heading out on your Easter holidays? Or is the thought of too much walking and standing around making you think again? How about relieving some of the stress and strain by buying a wheelchair or scooter?

Access for all

Increasingly, places that you go on holiday are wheelchair-friendly, so with these wheels helping you to be more mobile often you'll be able to get around the same places as the rest of your friends and family. This isn't just because of legislation either. Advances in medicine mean we're living longer and expecting to enjoy our lives rather than letting a few setbacks keep us indoors. That makes it a commercial benefit for tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels and the like to be able to welcome the less mobile.

Wheelchairs for travelling

If you don't need a powered scooter and you've got someone who's prepared to help out when you aren't able to wheel yourself, a wheelchair is a great solution. There are now some very light wheelchairs that will fold quickly to fit in a car boot. Some even have their own carrying bags, which is a bonus when the weather's bad - meaning only the bag gets wet and muddy, not the car.

Mobility scooters

A full mobility scooter is great for getting around camping grounds, theme parks and other leisure facilities, even for a trip along a prom or pier. At one end of the size scale there are mobility scooters so big they may even have to pay road tax, but, like wheelchairs, there are very much smaller and lighter models available too – the choice is yours. Most makes can easily be broken down into several parts very quickly and stowed in a car boot. A lightweight scooter will come in at around 40kg with the heaviest part being the battery pack. As long as that section can be lifted up, packing the rest into a boot won't be a problem.

Enhance your leisure time

So, if you are having trouble with mobility but still want to enjoy your Easter holidays, why not consider a wheelchair or mobility scooter? There's no reason why you should be left behind anymore.

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