How our mobility aids can WHEELIE change your life!

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As we get older, one of the main reasons our customers turn to us is that life has become just a little trickier as mobility becomes harder. Manypeople looking at mobility aids might think about starting off with a standard manual wheelchair thinking this is a good enough option, but there are so many better products out there on the market now that will make getting around a lot more easier for you.

Reasons to be cheerful!

At Mobility Services, we can help get you mobile again through our exceptionalrange of power and electrical wheelchairs, mobility scooters, riser/recliner chairs and stair lifts. Not only do we sell these mobility aids, but we also provide a first class service for wheelchair repairs, mobility scooter servicing, repairs and maintenance, recliner chair repairs, power and electrical wheelchair repairs, courtesy ofour dynamic team of mobility scooter engineers.

A mobility aidreallycan change your life

Sometimes it’s those simple tasks that we use to do without thinking that can start to become a lot more difficult:

Housework – It’s becoming harder to even do some of the most mundane chores – even getting to the garden to put the washing out takes a lot more effort than it once did.

Venturing Out and about – With reduced mobility, we can often feel isolated, frustrated and trapped. You have to rely on other people to help you get to from A to B, so often don’t ask.

Shopping/Meeting up with friends and family – With an electric/power wheelchair or a mobility scooter, you can easily meet up with family and friends. Using your new wheels to get about will be far less exhausting too.

Holidays – You really can go away again! A mobility scooter or power wheelchair can give you so much more freedom than you have been used to in a while.

Preventing Falls – Statistics show that using a wheelchair or a mobility scooter can significantly help reduce falls and accidents in the home and elsewhere.

Adventures with grandchildren – We know young children are a bundle of energy, and there is nothing worse than not being able to actively take part in sports and games in the garden or kick a football around on the beach.

Give your body a rest! – As we get older, the stresses and strains we put on ourselves walking about everyday including on our legs, knees and joints, often means we end up having to pay out on unexpected nursing costs as a result.

Home is where the heart is – With a mobility aid, recliner chairs or a stair lift in your home, there is a far greater chance of you being able to stay in place with your loved one, without the need for nursing home care.

FREEDOM – By giving you your mobility back, you can be as free to go, and do, as you please, without being restricted, and free from worry and pain.

Why choose RB Mobility Services?

We are specialists in mobility scooter, wheelchair, stair lift and recliner chair repairs, servicing and maintenance, which includes all makes and models of mobility equipment, and the sale of a wide variety of mobility aid products, covering London and the Home Counties.Our friendly and experienced mobility engineers provide a fast, efficient and hassle-free repair and maintenance service for mobility scooters, stair lifts, power, electric and manual wheelchairs, and can advise on the best mobility product to suit your needs and lifestyle.

We all know we want to remain as independent as we can for as long as possible, and that’s where our mobility aids come in. You really can be enjoying life even more than you think!

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